How to write better emails?

Emails are correspondence we read and send daily. Our ability to communicate through this medium is important, especially when it’s for professional purposes. It is crucial to never write emails as you speak. Always write in a professional, articulate tone. Avoid the use of the exclamation points and all capital letters; it will appear that you are yelling and that is entirely inappropriate under any circumstances. Proofread every email before sending it to eliminate any spelling, grammar or punctuation errors. An incorrect use of language can alter the meaning or intent of your writing; in some cases, the mistakes within your emails may insult, anger or even upset the recipient. Don’t write lengthy emails; be concise, clear and deliver your message competently. Be sure that you are sending an email to the correct recipient(s). If you are in a mass email and wish to only respond to the sender or a select few, make sure you don’t hit the “reply all” button; if you do, emails that are not meant to be read by certain people will be and can cause issues that very well could have been avoided.